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In a process of respectful togetherness, collective brooding over the continuities of discrimination and xenophobia and in exchange with experts who are committed to a just society, more than 60 comics by international artists have been created within the framework of Respect Comics so far. As part of this year's continuation of the project in Mexico City, two new Spanish-language comics were developed for this occasion, which will be used at 10 Mexican schools in the future.


The comic artist Iurhi Peña has already pointed to the unequal treatment of women and queer people in Mexico in her earlier works. For Còmics para la Tolerancia, together with the NGO Cuculuste, she visited a community of Afro-Mexicans in Oaxaca to talk to them about discrimination against black people in Mexico. A section of the population that has been excluded due to the national myth of "Mestizo descent" as the definition of Mexican identity and has not yet been officially recognized. Iurhi uses her empathy and the power of her drawings to counter popular comics with often racist undertones like Memin Penguin with a new narrative about black people in Mexico.


Emmanuel Peña, on the other hand, collaborated with the first street magazine in Mexico "Mi Valedor" to deal with the fate of homeless citizens in Mexico City and the often inhuman attitude towards them.

Emmanuel and Iurhi do not provide ready-made answers, but by reading and drawing comics, they encourage society and above all young people to reflect on the forms of racism and discrimination addressed.

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