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neurotitan, Berlin July 2018

One goal of project Treffpunkt: Denkmal was to activate the commemorative space, to convey it with the help of the medium video and to depict it kaleidoscopically from the perspective of young Berliners. The videos were published on the website of the Berlin Central and State Library.

In close vicinity to Alexanderplatz and nearly hidden, on Garnisonkirchplatz at Hackescher Markt there is a sculpture of Congolese politician Patrice Lumumba. In a workshop guided by artists Various & Gold that took up on the project City Skins the 10a grade of Lessing-Gymnasium directly intervened in the commemorative space: By casting and collaging the Lumumba sculpture a second „skin“ was obtained that acts similar to an advertising column. The aim of the intervention was to ask in how far places of commemoration and monuments communicate with their current surroundings and what relevance they have for the public space.

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